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Miss K's Animal Care Ltd.

In Home Pet/Animal Feeding & Farm assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

What animals do you have experience with?

I have experience with a variety of animal's including:

* Fish

* guinea pigs

* Rabbits

* Chickens

* Cats

* Dogs

* Ducks

* Horses

* Pigs

* Goats

* Sheep

* Cows

* Alpacas (limited experience)

Can you give my pet medication?

Yes, we are happy to administer the medication you provide at no extra cost

Why do you require payment in advance?

Payment in advance is standard practice in the Pet Sitting/Animal Care Industry.

Do you charge a surcharge on Public Holidays?

Yes, from the 1st of January 2021 there will be a 15% surcharge on all public holidays.

Do you charge a deposit?

Yes, from the 1st of January 2021 a 20% (non-refundable) deposit will be required on all bookings.

Bookings will not be confirmed until deposit has been received.

Why do you request that we contact you when we arrive home?

Because our job isn’t complete until we have confirmation that you are back home safely with your pets.

How long do you spend at the property on an average visit?

Cat visits range from 15 – 30 minutes, Dog visits from 30 minutes. Farm visits average 1hr, However we adjust the time accordingly to suit the requirements of each animal.

Who is responsible for providing the food?

It is the owners responsibility to provide enough food, however if more is needed I can purchase on your behalf but I will need to be reimbursed.

What happens if my animal becomes sick or injured?

In the event of injury or sickness we will attempt to contact you first to discuss the situation and our recommendations before veterinary treatment is requested. ALL Medical expenses are the responsibility of the owner.

Sometimes I need to travel at short notice can you help?

Certainly once you are one of our valued customers, even a last minute booking is not a problem for us.

However over Christmas, New Year & Easter this can be tricky as we're usually fully booked, but we will try our best to accommodate your request.

How come you don't charge for key collection or a meet 'n' greet?

Unlike many other places I don't believe in charging a fee to meet someone or pick up a key.